About the Dots

mDots is a creative services company that specializes in conceptualization, design and production of motion graphics for network branding, show packages for TV specials and live award shows, performance screens, game shows, sports presentations and news broadcasts. Allan Wells and Ian M. Kennedy lead the company.

The list of mDots credits runs deep, but some are worth particular note.  The company’s involvement in the 2000 Academy Awards launched this modern era of media and screens intensive live entertainment specials.  The technical needs for this feat were so intense that it required Mr. Wells’ partner company to design a proprietary control system.  Since then, mDots has been proud to design and produce multimedia screens presentations for such shows as:  Democratic National Conventions, Tony Awards, Grammy Awards, Primetime Emmy Awards, Academy Awards, American Music Awards, Teamsters IBT Convention, NBC Advertising Upfronts, CW Advertising Upfronts, E! Advertising Upfronts, Stereoscopic Dolby 3D presentation for LEXUS of North America, Keith Urban’s Light the Fuse Tour, and countless others.

mDots is a sister company to Fontastics Electronic Graphics, a leading stage-show screen production company that provides state-of-the-art graphics as well as graphics rental gear.